My Interesting Reads (weekly)

  • “A solution based on giving people the same thing for a new, higher price only opens you up to disruption. A solution based on providing more value for your users that keeps them loyal to you is going to last a lot longer. “
  • “This is all going to turn into B-roll. With each passing day, the filing clerks of our hearts and minds will cart it a little further back, to a dimmer and dustier shelf. But it happened, so that:” This piece of writing really resonated with me. I think beyond the remarkable writing and heart-rending topic, it’s an important message for journalists. Not to let an issue become a B-roll. 
  • Best or worst? Anyway, some of them were new to me. I do like Sweden’s idea though – I wouldn’t call it fail;I think it’s actually quite cool 
  • I’ve made it into Hansard, albeit with a sex change. Still, Alison is a pretty easy name to confuse. Sigh.  I’d care less if he at least agreed with me. 
      • I see I have changed sex. If it’s in Hansard, I guess it must be true. 
    • accept that there are concerns about state regulation. In a letter to me, the editor of my own regional newspaper, the Daily Post, said:

      “I am strongly opposed to statutory regulation of the press.”
    • However, I say to that newspaper editor, and to others who share his view, that we need to consider what that means. In his summary of recommendations, Lord Leveson says:
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