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  • This is an interesting question from the Post and Courier, Charleston. Do you notify someone if you’re going to use their tweet? Industry sites sometimes embed my tweets and I get a surprise when I see them – but I take the view that I’ve said it in public and so it’s fair enough.  But what about when it’s friends posting tributes on a Facebook wall  that happens to have a public profile? These get ripped off all the time.  As to whether we should ask people if they post on a newspaper’s Facebook wall if they mind being published, I think not, although the Daily Post does tend to say ‘we’ll publish a selection’ when posting something soliciting feedback. 
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3 thoughts on “My Interesting Reads

  1. I know journalists do use your tweets as quotes in news stories. have quoted me a few times. First time it happened I felt miffed thinking they should have asked permission but on reflection I thought why not. I suppose as citizen journalists we should be pleased that things we say are of sufficient interest for publication.


  2. Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts 🙂
    Overall I'm in favour of asking, as a courtesy, but I think good community editors do that anyway.
    Storify is a nice tool because it gives you the option of auto-tweeting people quoted, to say you've featured their words. Away from the regional press, I find it odd when you read (especially in the nationals showbiz pages) 'quotes' that are obviously lifted tweets – just say they tweeted it!


  3. What about correcting spelling and grammar mistakes in tweets?
    I still can't make up my mind whether we should be autocorrecting messages we lift from tweets or Facebook posts or leaving them as they were created – even if it does leave those who made them open to ridicule


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