My ‘interesting reads’ roundup (weekly)

  • “If the industry has come to learn anything from the Great Recession, it’s that we produce a product, a product that needs to be marketed just as well as — if not better than — any other product. This year’s 10 Newspapers That Do It Right are all prime examples of how newspapers can flex their marketing muscle to take back their place in the community, produce the high-quality products that readers demand, and update their sales tactics to accommodate the needs of modern advertisers. “
  • According to a study, uncivil comments can not only polarize readers views but lead to a change in how they intrepret the story… I think the expectation is that we all twitch our skirts in a panic over the findings – but it’s not that much of a revelation to learn that our own views can be affected by the forcibly expressed views of others, is it?  “In a study published online last month in The Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication, we and three colleagues report on an experiment designed to measure what one might call “the nasty effect.” We asked 1,183 participants to carefully read a news post on a fictitious blog, explaining the potential risks and benefits of a new technology product… Then we had participants read comments on the post, supposedly from other readers, and respond to questions regarding the content of the article itself… “the results were both surprising and disturbing. “
Posted from Diigo. The rest of my favorite links are here.

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