My ‘interesting reads’ roundup (weekly)

  • Andy Dickinson asks some searching questions of news organisations and J-schools. Got me thinking – and clarified some thoughts I had about the issue.

    tags: journalism future+of+news

  • What qualities distinguish successful leaders in media today? asks Poynter. And then Tom Rosentiel answers the question… “The strongest pull in the news industry, as in any disrupted business, can be to preserve the part of the business that, though shrinking, provides the biggest share of revenue. Innovators, such Clark Gilbert at Deseret Media, know this is a seductive mistake and focusing most of your energy on preserving what is shrinking is a strategy for slow death. The innovators I see behave differently. While they work to preserve the legacy, they focus more energy on the part of their business that is growing, even if it’s small. They work on how to create the space and the forgiveness in the company to do that.”

    tags: journalism disruption leadership

  • At what point did the police decide to stop naming (or confirming the names) of those charged with offences, asks David Banks. I’m with him – it’s just another chip away at the ability to report what’s happening.  “With the recent upsurge of calls for offenders to remain anonymous until convicted, it is worth noting that if Stuart Hall had not been named when he was arrested, he might never have been brought to court. None of his victims knew one another.   “And now one police force is refusing to name people who have been charged. There is a huge danger of secret justice replacing rights of the public, and indeed defendants, back to Magna Carta. It is time someone put a stop to this frightening trend.””

    tags: journalism legal court+reporting

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