Advice from the Green Ink Brigade

This comment on a HTFP story about the continuing Daily Post Right to Tweet campaign (of which, more here) made smile ruefully 

Many of the commenters on articles about the campaign (and thanks, HTFP, for being so supportive) take the view we’re wasting our time or that live tweeting is actively bringing about the End Of Newspapers. 

I disagree with them (of course!) but it’s not worth the time or energy to start a dialogue there – I’d rather explain to our readers why they should care. 
But we should all care; it’s not about press freedom, it’s about personal freedom and resisting the default “no” issued way too often when the world evolves, and institutions struggle to keep pace with it. 

And I have a problem with the complacent nay sayers (I’m looking at you, ‘Kendo Nagasaki’ and your ilk). And, although this has changed massively in the past two or three years, there are still some working in newsrooms and still acting as though industry change has been created with the sole intention of making their lives more difficult, chewing over that resentment like it’s gum. 

Still,the Green Ink Brigade of unknown letter writers is a part of the fabric of the newsroom. Most of them have shifted to email but there are still the treasured letters that arrive from Planets Unknown, like this (he writes to us at least once a week and appears to use a stencil): 

I think if he/she ever stops writing to us, we’ll be a bit worried. 
And it’s possible to take a lesson from the GIB. After all, if colleagues in your newsroom think you’re showing GIB tendancies for wanting to do crazy things like, oh, run a story on the website before it’s been in the newspaper, I’d suggest you don’t let T H E  B A S T A R D S get you down…

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