My ‘interesting reads’ roundup (weekly)

  • Mobile, we are constantly told, is the New Thing. Good post on the NYT drills down into the rise of mobile picture messaging and what it means for communication – and for those fast enough to get on a gathering trend “Images sent between cellphones are on the rise as text messages continue to fall, according to CTIA, the trade association for the wireless industry. An industry report released this year said 2.19 trillion text messages were sent and received in 2012, about 5 percent less than a year earlier. In comparison, MMS, or multimedia messages that include photos and videos, grew by 41 percent to 74.5 billion in 2012.”

    tags: mobile photo-sharing

  • The Atlantic looks at the less-discussed aspect of media disruption – the loss of diversity in newsrooms. Really interesting read; I’d be interested to see what the UK situation was.  Why does it matter, from the business perspective, if newsrooms don’t reflect society at large? Because publications need readers. Robert Hernandez, assistant professor of journalism at the University of Southern California, attributes a decline in reader engagement to the fact that so many people don’t see themselves reflected in coverage. “When I left The Seattle Times, I was the last Spanish speaker on staff,” he says. “There would be crime stories– and I’m the web guy– and they called me over to translate interviews in Spanish.”

    tags: newsroom diversity journalism atlantic

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