Storytelling readers lives through pictures

The Daily Post’s head of audience engagement (or Helen as she’s more commonly known) this week introduced a lovely initiative for reader involvement. 
Called ‘My Week in Pictures’ it’s a friendly challenge to readers to sum up their week through the several photos that best capture it. 
First up was a local farmer who is probably best known for his social media chronicling of the tragedies his farm suffered during the snow earlier this year. 
So it was really great to show another side to his life – I especially like the goat and the terrier having a scrap. 
We have regular Flickr photo features, and a Flickr photo of the day on the letters page, but I like this because it’s so informal, and with the right guidance, curation and design it makes a really striking piece. 

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About Alison Gow

I'm a journalist, particularly interested in story-telling, networks and digital innovation.
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