The republic of Local

We had a distinguished (and transatlantic) visitor at Daily Post towers recently – SMU professor and the Knight Foundation’s Texas Tribune Fellow Jake Batsell, who dropped by for a couple of days to talk about audience engagement.

Over the course of his time with us he chatted to several team members including Executive Editor (digital) Dan Owen and Head of Audience Engagement, Helen Harper, about the hows and – more interestingly, I guess – the whys of our approach to content and audience. Jake’s currently in the throes of penning a book on the subject, and from what I learnt of his research so far it should be a must-read for any news media executive who wants to know about the opportunities already being explored, and future business models.

Jake’s blog post on the visit to North Wales (he also brought the start of the heatwave with him, so the region’s tourist board owes him Big Time) is here  – on the new-ish NewsBiz blog, and you can indeed see from his Post screengrab that while George’s arrival was documented on our site, we were more interested in stick-in-the-muds and ponies. 

There is a popular view that Content is King and Collaboration is Queen – both these terms are good to keep in mind, as a reporter, but where does Local fit in the hierarchy?
Without Local – and local is scale-able – there’s no kingdom for the two Cs to rule, after all. 
So maybe Local is a republic. Personally, I like the sound of that.  

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