My ‘interesting reads’ roundup (weekly)

  • A lovely read from The Awl, with some great, good-humoured responses from those early adopters who found their Twitter handle backfired on them a little. “Jeb Boniakowski is one of the lucky few people who possess a short, apposite Twitter handle directly related to his name: he’s just @jeb. He’s also one of the unlucky people who happens to share his Twitter name with someone or something else that people tend to tweet at on accident.”

    tags: twitter social media awl

  • A definite Interesting Read on analytics, why they rock… and why they aren’t always your friend. “There’s nothing like a dashboard full of data and graphs and trend lines to make us feel like grown ups. Like people who know what they’re doing. So even though we’re not getting any real use out of it, it’s addictive and we can’t stop doing it. But after a while you just don’t get quite the same high from your dashboards that you used to. You’ve habituated. We still look at Google Analytics, but at this point metrics like “unique monthly visitors” bore us. They were always useless, but now they’ve stopped being fun, too.”

    tags: analytics audience engagement

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