My ‘interesting reads’ roundup (weekly)

  • This is a pragmatic and interesting post from George Brock, who won my over with his opening line about disruption being ‘no fun if your livelihood or beloved newspaper is being destroyed’. Some commentators sound as though they relish the pained thrashings of the Press industry as it struggles to find a new way to exist; others can sound as though blind faith and love of the job will find a way. Also, this: “Journalists worrying about “paradigm shifts”, “network effects” and “post counts’ can often forget that, in many parts of the world, adapting journalism to disruption is not the big issue. Keeping reporters and cameramen alive and out of jail remains a priority for many news organisations. In 2012, 70 journalists were killed worldwide in direct relation to their work, making it one of the worst years since records began to be kept. The imprisonment of journalists reached a record high in the same year, with 232 individuals behind bars because of their work. In many places, journalists confront risks, obstruction and threats that are a feature of any society not accustomed to press freedom.”

    tags: journalism destruction disruption innovation diffusion+innovation

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