My ‘interesting reads’ roundup (weekly)

  • I find IFTTT very useful but I need to spend time working out more recipes for storytelling on the move. The iOS location move has huge potential I think “. The channel will allow users to specify an ‘area’ that will allow them to trigger actions and recipes based on when they enter or leave that area”
  • The ‘be right or be first’ mantra aside, nowadays journalists risk falling foul of ‘be retweeted and Liked’ trap “It seems like we’ve reached a tipping point. Initially there were only a few viral hoaxes. Now, with the immense popularity of social media, they are happening almost daily. We are deluged with information coming at us like a firehose–and news organizations and journalists are falling for them”
  • I read the short-lived new block t&cs and felt very uneasy with the change, so the rapid reversal was a welcome example of a service listening to users.
  • I like very much where Kevin Marks is coming from here, with this talk at Le Web: “The IndieWeb is a group of people who recognise that the silos are important for connecting – but you should have your own site. Don’t replace those tools, but use them to connect the rest of the web.Its principles:You should own your own data. Have your own page, not a Facebook or Google one.You should have visible data. People can read it, programs can index it. You can’t crawl Facebook or Twitter any more.POSSE – Publish on your Own Site and Share Elsewhere. Spread links to your own stuff.Make tools for you, not for other people. If you wouldn’t use it, other people won’t. Odeo was a classic example: a podcast platform built by people who didn’t podcastDocument what you do. Say what works – help other people by doing so. And Open Source what you make, because you get help and it ensures that what you do will last.Design and UX are really important. Don’t just add them on top of what you’ve built.Be modular. Don’t try to build everything – build pieces that plug together. It makes it easier to swap things out, or replace dead services.The Long Web – expect it to last, don’t destroy history and spread copies elsewhere.Bet on the web – open outlasts closed. Make infrastructure that others can build on.”
  • This post pretty much sums up how I feel when I see Parliament in action on TV. The searing cut and thrust of debate it ain’t – it’s like looking into a classroom that the teacher’s stepped out of unexpectedly. Unedifying is probably the kindest word for the way our politicians behave on the green benches. “The sight of shouting, screaming, shrieking men and women get paid decent salaries to determine so many aspects of lives is simply appalling.  How much money the Government will take from us and how it will spend it are supposed to be the subject of the Autumn Statement – serious, big things. Yet the people Campbell expects us to trudge to the polls to vote for or reject think it’s acceptable to behave like a baying mob. In the case of the Tories, it’s trying to bring on Balls’ stammer. But don’t have too much sympathy for Balls – he likes nothing more than trying to derail the PM by making funny gestures at him during Prime Minister’s Questions.”
  • This, from the NYC, on the phenomenon of apparently sane, qualified and respectable journalists, reporting something because it’s on the internet, without checking, speaks to me. I know there is a terrible temptation to do it Because Everyone Else Is and the page views will be huge. It’s also an easy way to wipe out integrity and trust from readers who have a relationship with us. “This is journalism as an act of pointing — ‘Look over here, this is interesting,’ ” he said. He says uncertainty about a story’s veracity is unlikely, in most cases, to keep an editor from posting it. “I think BuzzFeed is probably a little bummed they are being called out, but they are not going to start asking for three sources,” I take the point, but I’d argue that it’s not journalism as an act of pointing – it’s just parroting something someone else has said, regardless of veracity. 
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