Investigating whether it’s worth investing time in LinkedIn (aka Help, please…)

Nederlands: Linked In icon
I’ve been involved in interviewing for some journalists jobs recently, and I noticed that while some CVs will state the applicant’s Twitter, and occasionally their blog, hardly any referenced a LinkedIn profile
More interestingly, during social media role interviews, LinkedIn was mentioned by just a handful of people as a potentially useful tool. 
Twitter and Facebook, of course, were top of the pile, with Pinterest, Instagram, Vine and Google+ cropping up (Google+ interests me – I don’t find it compelling, but it is engaging. When I remember to post there…)

So, LinkedIn. Do any newsrooms do it well? What are the opportunities for users? I thought I might test the water with a poll, and so I dusted off my login to find that the site was moribund. Which is a real shame – I liked it for when I needed plenty of responses, but they didn’t necessarily have to be local to my new patch. 
Anyway, I tried instead, just because it came up first on a search for ‘free, embed, poll’ as I didn’t need anything as fancy as SurveyMonkey

So, if you have two moments to spare, tell me why you use LinkedIn, and help me work out whether it’s a network or the digital equivalent of a business card – something most of us have to promote ourselves, but don’t tend to use that much. If you really want to tell me more than clicking a button allows, you can always post a comment. I’m going to pop this link on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+, and see which sends most traffic to the blog and where most (if any) comments, likes, shares or comments happen, and then update this post with my findings. 
Thanks for helping with the research!  

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