This week, I’ve been reading… (weekly)

  • I believe we spend far to much time faffing about making home pages look ‘right’ when much of our traffic comes to stories direct rather than from our shop window, so to speak. Therefore, of course I agree with this post (which also links to another worthwhile read on the subject at The Verge…TL:DR? Takeaway point is this – “the article page is the new homepage.”

    tags: audience

  • “Twitter used to be a sort of surrogate newsroom/barroom where you could organize around ideas with people whose opinions you wanted to assess. Maybe you wouldn’t agree with everybody, but that was part of the fun. But at some point Twitter narratives started to look the same. The crowd became predictable, and not in a good way. Too much of Twitter was cruel and petty and fake

    tags: twitter

  • “brands on Instagram are getting exponentially more engagement as a percentage of followers/fans than content on Twitter or Facebook.”

    tags: instagram engagement audience

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