Interesting reads (weekly)

  • “Twitter appears to be testing a feature that will better organize its chaotic world of hashtags” – Man, I *really* hope this happens.

    tags: Twitter hashtags

  • The Google+ video shares figures are very interesting. In my unscientific way, just from the networks I have, or have been added to on there, it seems to be where the audience is more engaged, and possibly comprises more of time-served internet users. Possibly, as someone said to me this week, Google+ fans use it harder because they remember what happened to Wave.
    “We took the 20 most popular videos from the YouTube channels of four big players in the video space – VICE, BuzzFeed, The Guardian, and The Daily Telegraph – to see how some of their most successful content is performing on the social web.

    The results
    It’s apparent that Facebook and Google+ are where the majority of shares happen for these publishers’ video content.”

    tags: collaboration video social sharing

  • This is fascinating – what happened if news media treated each other as collaborators, not rivals?
    “What if five regional sites share ad staff and combine their audience numbers to attract new advertisers? What if 15 local newsrooms could support a world-class development and technology shop? What if a data journalist, an event planner or a designer could make a great living by serving a bunch of these local sites?” he asked.”

    tags: news collaboration

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