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  • I’d agree with this, and also add apathy into the mix – not only how do you hold people’s attention, but how to do you get them to care enough to engage in the first place? For a mercifully brief moment the Upworthy headline was seen as the way forward – now I think it has to be about knowing the conversation well enough, and presenting your content in a way that has the audience’s needs at the forefront of the presentation “The scarcest resource in journalism right now is attention span,” Oreskes said. “We used to live in a world of journalism governed by the laws of physics. Time and space were our key constraints: space in a newspaper, time on the air.”

    But that has changed, he said. “The really controlling force in the world right now [is] how long you can keep your audience, your followers, consuming the journalism you’re creating. They have just so many other places to go, so many things pulling on them and so many demands on their time that our goal is to create journalism that holds them.”

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  • Clff Levy, editor of NYT Now, on the restructuring towards mobile of the wider company: “the whole company is shifting resources toward mobile at every part of the company. [Times Publisher] Arthur Sulzberger and Mark Thompson and [Times Executive Editor] Dean Baquet are really, really focused on mobile right now. Every division in the company is looking at how they can shift more resources to mobile. In the newsroom we’re certainly doing that. There’s been a lot of discussion about how we can free up resources, what can we do less of in order to move more people to mobile.”

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    • Bruni himself started responding to comments about the story posted to the Times’ Facebook page, and the conversation lasted throughout the weekend. But on Monday, he ventured away from the confines of the Times’ page and toward that of conservative media personality Laura Ingraham.


      The Times’ audience-development team had been monitoring the story’s social media performance and was alerted that Ingraham’s page had posted the piece. Recognizing her as an influencer, the social media team deployed Bruni to her page, where he answered the question Ingraham posed in her Facebook post about the story.

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