About this blog

Hello, thanks for visiting. This blog has been going for 10 years now, and has evolved a little over that time. Originally used to explore different digital tools for journalism, it became a home for updates on my day job. Then it became a place I posted my broader thoughts about news – especially local news – first a deputy editor with a growing fascination for digital, and then as an editor of a daily newspaper and website. Later it was a place where I write thoughts on the industry out of my head, and later still it became a place I visited only occasionally, because it was very difficult to talk about some of the things I was doing.

These days I am editor-in-chief (digital) for Reach plc, working across our ever-growing regional portfolio and I feel like blogging needs to be a part of my job once more. Obviously, this is my personal blog and the opinions expressed here are my own. If you want to connect, I’m on Twitter as @alisongow and my Facebook page is Facebook.com/alisongow.journalist

Thanks for stopping by – if you have a blog I should be reading, please let me know. 

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