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A ‘how to blog’ talk got me blogging again.

Long-term work and blogging compadre David Higgerson and I were asked to give a talk on blogging recently. Obviously David has lots of thoughts on this subject because… pause… he still actually blogs (and there aren’t many journo bloggers from … Continue reading

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On ‘posting a blog’

It’s a small point, in the grand scheme of things, but when people ‘post a blog’ my day loses a little of its savour. Ancient (well, several years old, at least) blogger credo insists: You post a post to your [web]log; you do … Continue reading

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Social media has wrecked my blog*

I am a lazy blogger but it’s not my fault. Twitter and Diigo are to blame for my indolence, and Blogger has a part to play in it too. You see, it’s so easy to just tweet a link, perhaps with … Continue reading

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For love not money: wise words from Cardiff Bloggers Meet

Now I’ve moved from Liverpool I miss the social meets a lot. Things like Ignite Liverpool, tweetups, Twestival, TEDxLiverpool, and Social Media Cafe turned online mates into real life friends and it was great.Plus, there’s a kind of comfort in … Continue reading

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Journalist or blogger? Both, please.

The above is taken from; I screengrabbed it as I particularly like the ‘interchange’ reference in no.2. I think it’s something that newsrooms can lose sight of from time to time. How does a journalist come to accept and … Continue reading

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This is not a blog post… this is a confession

This was quite a taxing post to write. It took me a while to work through my thoughts and I suspect it might irritate some as, essentially, it advocates allowing the people we interview to see and change copy before … Continue reading

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Updated with Irish Mail on Sunday response: A sad tale of a deleted blog

UPDATED 28/01/10… see additions in bold, and the statement from Irish Mail on Sunday reproduced in full at the bottom of the original post. See also’s latest article. Further Update: 09/04/10: Air traffic controller blogger drops press complaint following … Continue reading

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reBlog from Liverpool Echo – Tech Blog

I have a new blog – it’s an official work one, ostensibly about technology but actually about all kinds of digital stuff that interests me. Not likely to bother TechCrunch, for example.Anyway, I wrote about a local Flickr group issue … Continue reading

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Guest-blogging on Media140

I wrote a blog post last week which you won’t see on this site. It was about how and why I use the Favourite option on Twitter, what its uses are, and different was of checking out other users’ Favourites, … Continue reading

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Talking social journalism at TEDx Liverpool

I was asked if I’d be one of the speakers at TEDx Liverpool – the first of several TEDx North events taking place over the next few months – and it turned out be be a memorable day.Based around the … Continue reading

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