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Shifted focus – audience, content, platforms

The Daily Post is three weeks into a new¬† live breaking news blog – viewable in real time and fullscreen, here – (This is how it appears on the homepage,on the right hand side of the above screengrab) It runs … Continue reading

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CoveritLive gets hacked

So this morning brought a “We’ve been hacked!” email from CoveritLive with the assurance ” We regret any inconvenience that this password change process may cause you”. Frankly, an enforced password change is a small price to pay… hopefully that’s … Continue reading

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This is not a blog post… this is a confession

This was quite a taxing post to write. It took me a while to work through my thoughts and I suspect it might irritate some as, essentially, it advocates allowing the people we interview to see and change copy before … Continue reading

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How open are your lines of communication?

And yea, it is written that when four or more editorial execs are gathered together to forward plan the coverage of an impending Happening, one among them will, at some point, spake thusly: “We should do a liveblog”. And everyone … Continue reading

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Reporting live from the court press bench

Florida’s Palm Beach Post is giddy with happiness at the moment, because a judge has ruled journalists can report court cases in real-time.In a breakthrough which, I suspect, no other media source in Florida will acknowledge the Post’s role in … Continue reading

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The Year of the Blog (Part I)

I’ve just realised this blog has notched up its first anniversary. Where has the time gone? So I thought it was an opportunity to take stock, consider how blogging has helped me become (I think) a better journalist and what … Continue reading

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Learning from liveblogging

I’d love to know how many of the UK’s regional newspapers have run liveblogs this year; it seems as though real-time coverage and participation in almost everything (public spectacles, event TV, sports, political rallies to name a few) is on … Continue reading

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Giant spider in liverpool

La Princess left the Echo Arena on Friday night and moved through the crowds to the Pier Head – walking straight past me. It was an amazing experience… … but what made it even more brilliant was that reporting the … Continue reading

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The Lifecycle of a News Story

I rediscovered a link on my Delicious recently, called the Lifecycle of a Blog, from Wired, which traces how a post goes from the author’s keyboard through the system into a subscriber’s RSS reader. It’s here if you’re interested. Anyway, … Continue reading

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Blogging Macca

The live blogs keep coming; we’re blogging the Liverpool Sounds concert on Sunday with words and images (but maybe not live streaming as there organisers are confiscating cameras and ‘recording equipment’. Boo!So that will be sorted out today and Sunday … Continue reading

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