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Audience engagement and newsroom attitudes

Several years ago, when the words ‘content is king’ was everywhere, I remember Joanna Geary observing  ‘collaboration is queen’. I loved that. I’ve been thinking about Jo’s twist on King Content because the phrase ‘audience engagement’ is so prevalent right … Continue reading

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Dealing with witnesses: Why the Eyewitness Media Hub’s guidelines are so important for journalism

A while ago I was asked to join a group of journalists assembled with the aim of providing some input into Eyewitness Media Hub’s principles for journalists working with UGC* – user generated content (or ‘other people’s words and images’, as … Continue reading

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#formatDEN: Audiences, realities and goats in hats

  Recurring themes in journalism conferences I’ve been following (and sometimes attended) this year are: Try innovating, not imitating (aka don’t be Buzzfeed-lite) Everyone is a reporter, so be a curator and editor Don’t be scared of failing Get developers … Continue reading

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The end of ‘behind closed doors’ journalism

There are times in a journalist’s career when you are going to have to approach someone who is not having the finest moment of their life, and ask them to help you. It might be calling on a grieving family, or approaching … Continue reading

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I was talking recently with a scarily smart colleague recently about what content/tech/social/CMS might look like in 2018, and I realised I was getting stuck around trying to jam new ideas of onto existing platforms. Way back when, in the heyday of print, everyone … Continue reading

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Talking innovation, blockers and culture change at WAN-IFRA summit

I was amazed and delighted when WAN-IFRA contacted me recently to invite me to speak at the upcoming 13th International Newsroom Summit during World Publishing Expo in October, in Amsterdam. I said yes  – what an opportunity to hear industry leaders from around the world talk … Continue reading

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Innovations and ideas on the agenda for #fearlessDEN

View image | Here’s an exciting thing: The next DEN (Digital Editors Network) meeting is being held at Trinity Mirror Towers, aka One Canada Square, Canary Wharf, aka IN MY ACTUAL HQ. Having attended many DENs over the year (we even … Continue reading

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Newsrooms: Not what they were, but that’s no bad thing

Been catching up on some thinking around “what future for newspapers?” this week; this one by Michael Wolff was part-anguish and part-nostalgia and of the “on the one hand, [opinion], nevertheless, having said that [counter-opinion]…” school of writing. This one is a pretty unsentimental look at … Continue reading

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The hook on which we are caught

These are some of my reflections on the Revival of Local Journalism conference, organised by the BBC and Society of Editors at MediaCity UK, and held on June 25. There are links to others’ posts and articles from the day … Continue reading

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Innovation and the perils of “yes, but…”

There’s an interesting post on the WAN-IFRA blog now, which details are the key attributes of an effective editor, leading at a time of industry disruption. It’s a subject close to my heart as it was the topic of my MA, and … Continue reading

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