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Instant Articles for regional news

Here’s something that put a smile on my face today (no, not the drink drive mum) – it’s a Manchester Evening News Instant Article on Facebook. The MEN and WalesOnline are the two Trinity Mirror regional sites signed up for the … Continue reading

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#mojocon15 part I: Talking mobile innovation and storytelling

March 27 and 28 were spent immersed in the world of mobile, journalism, storytelling and content creation, courtesy of the first Mobile Journalism Conference held in Dublin and organised by broadcaster RTÉ. It was the most rewarding, packed and inspiring … Continue reading

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Pix or it didn’t happen?

View image | So, Meerkat, eh? It was, by all accounts, the darling of SXSW and digital acres have been given over to assessing its worth (and here I am, adding to them). Search Twitter at any given time and … Continue reading

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Off with their heads! Crimes against cropping in tweets

Update: Some more cropping tools. This one, which is – I think – called Favicon Generator, was suggested by @ourman and Twitshot by @xxnapoleonsolo. Thanks chaps. When it comes to critiquing others’ work, I am very much of the ‘there but for the … Continue reading

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Social media monitoring and analytics (infographic)

Not 100% sure who I owe a hat tip to for tweeting a link to this infographic about social media monitoring (I suspect David Thackeray though).It is exceptionally useful, anyway, and I thought I would store it on my blog as it’s a … Continue reading

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Tweetdeck: A short user guide to getting the most out of it

(Photo credit: estherbester) I ran my first Webex training session this week; it was a 45 minute run-through of How To Be a Tweetdeck Ninja, which contained my tips for getting the most out of Facebook. Ahem.I’ve used Tweetdeck for years and … Continue reading

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Election apathy? Real time audiences disagree…

Chartbeat is an amazing tool. Compelling even. Today, watching the real time traffic on our site, it was obvious people were consuming the ‘live’ news on the site more than anything else. Visitors were following updated story of the ‘locus in … Continue reading

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Of Pinterest and pastures new….

WalesOnline‘s Pinterest presence has been steadily growing in the two months since we set it up, with 16 boards now covering everything from music to sport and interior design.  It’s a great resource and we’ve hooked it up to Facebook … Continue reading

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The problem with engagement? It involves other people

There have been several social media conferences recently where, from hashtag evidence, person after person stood up and urged listeners to “go where the conversation is”,  “be part of the conversation” and “if your brand isn’t engaging on Facebook, ask … Continue reading

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Are users jumping through hoops to comment on your stories?

Image via Wikipedia Jon Mitchell has had a rant here on ReadWriteWeb about Google+ and its many (in his view) shortcomings.  I still don’t find Google+ compelling enough to be able to engage in that debate, but I was interested … Continue reading

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