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Up the Boro! Tapping into the fans’ mood on Twitter

This is my new favourite thing, courtesy of the @GazetteBoro team in Middlesbrough (disclosure: yep, they’re part of Trinity Mirror Regionals, like me). The gif (you might need to click to activate) is a simple, neat idea, and really summed up the how fans … Continue reading

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The how and why of Twitter lurking

It looks like there’s an interesting new paper out on social media use. I can’t be entirely sure because, y’know, academic paywalls, but when I saw this, I had to know a bit more… I have a new article out … Continue reading

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Social media is humanising – it’s how we use it that can dehumanise

Discussions of what is and isn’t acceptable for publishing on social media (specifically Twitter and YouTube in current debates) are occupying much of my timeline. Articles written around the role social media played in disseminating images and messages following journalist James Foley‘s murder will … Continue reading

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